Poverty Reduction Program

Peoples Poverty Reduction Program (PPRP), is formerly known as Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program (UCBPRP).

The program is based on the concept to reduce the poverty at Household level focusing on women empowerment and increase in their livelihood. The program is being implemented through community participation based on three tiers i.e. Community Organizations (COs), Village Organizations (VOs) and Local Support Organizations (LSOs). Two to three households form Community Organisations (COs), clustered of COs form Village Organisations (VOs) and Local Support Organizations (LSOs) are the combination of VOs. It empowers the local communities by socially and economically enabling them to improve their social status, through Income Generating Grants and Community Investment Funds. Through this program human capital has been formed which is providing a platform for all line departments to implement their interventions such as Health, Education, Nutrition & Hygiene etc. at village level.

The program was initially started as a pilot project in district Shikarpur and Kashmore which was completed in 2012. Later on the same program was expanded in two more districts Tharparkar and Jacobabad as ADP Scheme in 2010 with total cost of Rs. 2.009 billion, which has been completed in 2015. Out of above Rs. 1.057 billion have been provided for District Tharparkar.

Considering the success of the program in four districts, the Union Council Based Poverty Reduction Program is now being further expanded in six other districts of Sindh namely; Umerkot, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Khairpur, Badin and Thatta. This expansion will give the program a more wholesome geographic coverage and help reduce the poverty in these districts as well. The scheme is being implemented through Sindh Rural Support Organization. The Program in these six districts has formally started in May 2017.

The robust design and  remarkable achievements of UCBPRP persuaded the European Union to launch a similar program named “Sindh Union Council and Community Economic Strengthening Support” commonly known as SUCCESS - targeting reduction of poverty and enhancement of livelihoods in eight more districts of the province; by investing more than Rs. 8 Billion.



Build up the capacity of the deprived population, living in the rural areas through social mobilization to empower the local communities paying particular attention to empowering women both socially and economically enabling them to improve their livelihoods and increase their incomes through Income Generating Grants and Community Investment Funds (CIF) i.e. interest-free loans.


To improve the quality of life of the marginalized communities that lack basic facilities through the Rural Support Organizations.